Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

How long before I can expect a sales person to contact me to set up a free in-home consultation?

You should expect a phone call from sales representative within 48 Hours

I only need one window or one door installed. “Do we do that”?

We have a minimum installation charge of $1250.00. It doesn’t always make sense, but your one window or door is a larger project, or if that is in your budget then yes we can.

Once we’ve agreed to purchase products installed. How long will it before they get installed?

Generally speaking, 6-8 weeks however this time frame can vary and will be confirmed by installed sales associate at the time of the sale.

Do you have a financing program in place?

Yes, we do through FinanceIt. Many options with attractive rates, unsecured and fully open O.A.C * on approved Credit.

Can we finance other products or services through “FinanceIt”?

“NO” we can’t. FinanceIt is “ONLY” for installed window and door sales with No exceptions.

Who needs to be at the in home appointment once it is scheduled with an installed Sales associate?

Any parties that are part of the decision making process or people they would like present at the appointment.

Do you modify existing openings ex. Cut outs, reframing, permit work?

No we don’t as part of our installation program. However, we may be able to assist in recommending reputable licensed and insured contractor.

How do I prepare my home for installation day or days, is there anything we need to do prior to?

Yes, please remove all window coverings from existing windows, provide a clean path to each product and approx. a 4’ working radius of products.

Do your installers work for “Turkstra” or are they third party installers?

The Manufactures that Turkstra represents do not have factory installers. The Installers are licensed, insured, professional quality general contractors who have installed Turkstra products for many years.

Why should I buy installed windows and doors from Turkstra?

Since 1953, Turkstra has been an active industry leader in the distribution and production of building materials and construction related products and services.

Is my home going to be turned upside down and left a mess by the installers?

No it’s not. Turkstra installers exercise extreme professionalism through all aspect of the install process. Drop sheets will be used in all working areas, all debris will be removed from site and all areas worked in left in a clean manner.

How long is the installation warrantied for or the quality of workmanship guaranteed?

Turkstra offers a 5-year Workmanship Warranty (This is in addition to manufactures warranty).

how much of a deposit is required when an install contract has been signed?

30% of the total sale of the contract.

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